Waterproof Wireless Charger

Waterproof. Portable.

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The AQUAVOLT wireless charger is a PVA/EVA foam pocket charger/phone holder that is Qi Certified, waterproof, and delivers a fast charge to compatible smart phones and other electronic devices. The AQUAVOLT wireless charger is designed to be mounted on most flat surfaces. Please see the installation instructions for additional details.

Designed For Boaters By Boaters

AQUAVOLT allows you to make the most out of your device, your time, and your experience. Get fast, convenient, and functional wireless charging that’s built for boaters on the go. Stay powered up with AQUAVOLT!

Fast Charging

Charging on the Go

Invest in the security and convenience of having your phone securely close by and fully charged with the AQUAVOLT wireless charger.

Portable Design

Fast Charging

Water Resistant

Intuitive UI

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