Installation Instructions

The AQUAVOLT charger must be installed according to the instructions below. Failure to comply may result in personal injury, vessel/vehicle damage, and/or product failure. Installation by a trained electrician is recommended by AQUAVOLT.


Damage and/or injuries caused by improper installation are not covered by the warranty.

WARNING: Only a 12V DC battery/power source should be used with this device. Before installing, the power supply must be turned off. Between the battery/power supply and the product, an appropriate fuse (2amp) or circuit breaker (2amp) must be utilized. Before turning on the electricity, double-check that all wiring is polarized correctly.


Do not alter the product in any way. This product is not intended for use in potentially hazardous or flammable environments. Do not install in a hazardous/flammable environment, such as engine rooms. Make sure the space under/behind the mounting location is clear of wires, fuel, and any other potentially hazardous things before drilling any holes. Ensure that any holes cut do not considerably degrade the surface’s structure.


CAUTION: The item is designed to charge Qi compatible devices only. The charge cable must be kept in place and not obstruct mechanical systems. There are no user-serviceable components in this charger product. In no way attempt to repair or modify this charger product.


A phone case thicker than 3mm may prevent the phone from charging. The product may temporarily shut down if used in a hot environment or in direct sunlight; this is a safety feature of the electronics.


EMC INSTALLATION GUIDELINES: To ensure that electromagnetic interference between equipment is minimized, AQUAVOLT devices comply with Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements. To keep electromagnetic interference to a bare minimum, proper installation is essential.


WIRING: When extending the wire from your power source to the charger product, make sure there is a continuous supply of at least 10V. For any length of cable extension, we recommend 20-22 AWG wire gauge. The diagram below shows how the product should be linked to a 12V battery or power source.


IMPORTANT: AQAUVOLT disclaims all liability for any injuries or other damages resulting from the use of their products in any situation.